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Craigdiddy helps you use Craigslist.

Be alerted by email and/or text message to good deals and rare postings. When Craigslist has new postings you are automatically notified and sent a link to the new ad. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

Emails may be delivered in your Spam/Bulk folder. To resolve this mark received emails as 'not spam' and try entering the sending email in your address book.

Text message delivery is done through twitter, a free service. Sign up for twitter, activate your cellphone, and then 'follow' craigdiddy. Available for all cellphones worldwide. However, outside of the US twitter has a cap of 250 text messages a week. Most cellphone plans include free incoming text messages but some do not - be sure to check whether yours does before using this service.

Why use craigdiddy? Check out a comparison with it's competition. Craigdiddy is the only web-based notifier that works and can be used worldwide for sms (text messages) or email.


Phil likes visiting friends in Ottawa and Toronto from Montreal. The main annoyance he had with these trips is being stuck in bike-friendly cities without a bicycle. A solution to this problem was to bring along a folding bike!! But this led to another problem: where was he going to find a cheap folding bike? He started by sporadically doing searches on Craigslist, and then realized that it would be possible to write software to check Craigslist automatically. Ideally he envisioned a system that would send him a text message as soon as a folding bike was posted on Craigslist. Since receiving text messages is free the whole service wouldn't cost a thing and he would have the opportunity of being the first person to respond to ads that interested him. Ironically, about two weeks later, shortly after him first prototype was up and running, he found 2 folding bikes at the Great Glebe garage sale and then got his first text notification while he was biking home along the de Maisonneuve bike path on one of his new folding bikes!

Final Thoughts

I hope you find Craigdiddy useful as I do. I'm happy to report that it has already worked for a few of it's earliest adopters. It's first success was a beautiful couch for Alex but also notable was the purchase of a cheap beer fridge for the office! If you want to contact me I can often be found at the Northcliffe Square Worker's Collective or I can be reached anytime by email at phil (at) zipdiddy.com. You can also post Feedback, which I check regularly.

Craigdiddy is dedicated to my friend Greg Barker.


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