Craigdiddy - A Craigslist Automatic Notifier

Craigdiddy is currently offline to fix a couple bugs and will be back shortly.

Craigdiddy helps you use Craigslist.

Be alerted by email and/or text message to good deals and rare postings. When Craigslist has new postings you are automatically notified and sent a link to the new ad. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

Emails may be delivered in your Spam/Bulk folder. To resolve this mark received emails as 'not spam' and try the sending email in your address book.

Text message delivery is done through twitter, a free service. Sign up for twitter, activate your cellphone, and then 'follow' craigdiddy. Available for all cellphones worldwide. However, outside of the US, twitter has a cap of 250 text messages a week. Most cellphone plans include free incoming text messages but some do not - be sure to check whether yours does before using this service.

Why use craigdiddy? Check out a comparison with it's competition. Craigdiddy is the only web-based notifier that works can be used worldwide for sms (text messages) or email.

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