How to use Craigdiddy

Craigdiddy works best if you are looking for something specific that has a well definined category within craigslist.

Steps to posting a search

  1. Sign up for an account. Enter the prefered email you would want notifications to go to. Choose the city you will do most of your searches about. Be sure to enter the name your mobile phone service provider. Even though only Fido text message notifications are possible more carriers may be added and we will be able to let you know when your carrier is added.
  2. Think about what you want!! Is it a cheap apartment in a specific neighbourhood, a girlfriend, a guitar, a job - if you don't know what craigslist has to offer, visit your local Craigslist page and look around.
  3. Find out the category. Let's say you want an iphone, visit your local craigslist site again and go to the category you think it would be posted in, such as 'electronics'. Do a search in 'electronics' for 'iphone' and see if there are any results. If there are results then this is probably the category you're going to want to set up on craigdiddy. Keep in mind that some items might be in multiple categories. Also, it doesn't hurt to see if there are any ads that interest you right now because craigdiddy wll only be notifying you of newly posted ads.
  4. Now it's time to set up your search on craigdiddy. Log in, if you aren't already logged in, and fill in the 'add a search' form and click 'submit'. You need to find the right category for your search: 'electronics' - in the 'stuff for sale' drop down selection. For all categories in the 'stuff for sale' and 'housing' sections except for the 'free' category you can submit the minimum and maximum you would pay. For housing categories this amount is usually monthly rent. If you leave the maximum and minimum price fields blank price won't be considered.
  5. Once you've set up your search you will receive a notification telling you you've successfully set up a new search. There is nothing more to do - as soon as something is posted on craigslist you will be notified.

Deleting a search

You can delete a search either by logging into craigdiddy and clicking the 'delete' button in the 'your searches' sections or by clicking the delete link in any of the email notifications associated with that search.

Editing a search

To edit a search first delete the search and then create a new modified search.

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