Craigdiddy Competition

All of these services do text-based notifications of new craigslist postings via email - although not all of them work.

Craigdiddy is the only web-based notifier that works and can be used worldwide for sms (text messages) or email.

craigdiddyyesyesallwebfree for nowno
craigslist RSSnonoallwebfreeno
CL GenieyesnoUSwebfreeyes
Craiglist Notification SystemyesnoUSwebfreeyes
Craigslist Checkeryesnoallwebfreeno
ListListener.comyesnoUSweb$9.96/month for keywordno
CL Buddy?yes?java program$5-$20no
Craigslist Notifier?yes?windows program$10no
instructables: ?noallmac DIY programfreeno
Ad Notifier?yesUSwindows program$18no
CraigsPal?yes?windows program?$29.99no
QuickThreads.comyesnoallwebfree - $20no
AlertpediayesnoUS, Canadawebfreeno
Craig's List BuddysometimesyesUSwebfreeno

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